Daddy vs Chips

Beating the lunch time blues II

Daddy vs Chips VII.

Back in October, I described how to make the difficult-to-master pizza bread. Due to popular demand, its time to look at another challenging recipe: eggy bread (or french toast, if you are middle class). Da-da-da’s record on cooking has been somewhat dubious, but this recipe, stolen from Ma-ma-ma, is foolproof.

The last few weeks have been difficult for the twins. Though its difficult to prove a causal relationship, after Donald Trump’s election Cillian and Saoirse went decisively off their food. Whether its teeth or Trump, this has been a common sight at our dining table:

Whilst Cillian politely declines food he does not want by shaking his head, Saoirse waits till the spoon reaches her mouth then karate chops the offending article out of Da-da-da’s hand and onto the floor. Both then complain about being hungry.

Eggy bread has been a reliable friend during this fussy period. It is quick to make, generally eaten and cheap enough to not worry about wastage. So how does Da-da-da do it?

For each slice of bread, take one egg and beat in mug. Then grate in enough cheddar cheese to increase the mixture by half. Beat again, and then pour out onto a plate. Once this is done, the fun can start.

Place the bread directly on top of the egg mixture, then press down and slowly turn it 360˚ as shown above (apologies for the dodgy marble work surface). Meanwhile, light the hob and heat a frying pan coated with spray oil. Transfer the now drenched bread into the frying pan, egg side down. If you have got the heat right, you should hear a satisfying sizzle as the runny egg hits the pan.

Ladle the remaining egg mixture onto the bread and cook for roughly a minute. Then turn the bread over and cook the other side. Repeat this step until each side is a lovely golden brown.

Once it is cooked, remove the bread and leave it to cool for a couple of minutes. Then cut or tear it into baby sized chunks, serve and bask in the glory of having cooked those fussy eaters into submission!



And so to the result:

Daddy wins! Feeding toddlers is bloody hard work. Eggy bread is really quick and relatively nutritious. It is great standby to whip out when they reject your lovingly prepared meals.




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